The Firm has vast experience in banking consultancy, advisory services and litigation. It is currently handling a number of cases on behalf of banks at various courts. The Firm is also engaged in preparing and vetting transactional documentation and financial agreements for various Banks.

Civil, Constitutional and Corporate Litigation:

         The Firm offers dedicated litigation services in diverse fields of civil, constitutional and corporate matters. It has extensive experience in representing clients before various forums including courts, service tribunals, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan, and other regulatory authorities, including the Punjab Revenue Authority and the Punjab Food Authority. The Firm has sufficient experience in representing its Clients before the High Courts throughout the country in different constitutional matters. The Firm also excels in drafting pleadings, appeals and other judicial representations in court proceedings as per the requirements of each client.

Telecommunication and Information Technology:

         The Firm is assisting a number of companies in the country, especially relating to information technology, and e-commerce. The Firm also has experience with the matters relating to telecommunication as well as print and electronic media.

Family Matters:

         The Firm offers assistance in a wide array of family matters including child support, child custody, recovery of maintenance, adoption, divorce and recovery of dower and dowry. The Firm also assists its clients in arriving at marriage settlements and drafting the necessary agreements and undertakings.


         The Firm is also involved in representing its Clients in cases relating to insurance claims, as well as matters involving resolution of small disputes before the Dispute Resolution Committee constituted under the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Intellectual Property:

         The Firm provides specialized legal counseling and litigation services in all intellectual property matters including trademarks, patents, designs and copyright. The services provided by the Firm include filing and prosecuting applications, registration, infringement proceedings, opposition to protected work, enforcement of intellectual property rights and litigation related thereto.

Labor Laws:

         The Firm is involved in provision of litigation related services before the NIRC as well as the Labor Courts and Payment of Wages Authorities for its private and departmental clients.

Legislative Drafting:

         The Firm has ample experience in relation to the drafting laws, rules, regulations and policy frameworks. The Firm has recently proposed amendments in the “Protection of Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Ordinance, 2002”, and has also drafted rules thereunder. It is also working towards introducing amendment is the laws pertaining to the Punjab Reproductive, Maternal, Neo-natal and Child Health Authority Act. Our Partner has also earlier worked on and drafted legislations relating to One Dish Bill, Child Marriage, Safety on Watersides, and Domestic Workers.

Real Estate:

         The Firm is fully equipped with the expertise to assist with the sale, purchase and transfer of immoveable property and to satisfy all the procedural and legal requirement attached thereto. The Firm’s also provides information and advice on matter pertaining to property acquisition, rental, mortgage and collateral.


         The Firm provides its legal services to the matters relating to the Services both provincial and Federal. In this regard, the Firm has ample experience to plead cases before the Service Tribunals, and has been representing both the departments, and private clients.


         The Firm provides legal assistance on matters concerning sales tax, income tax, customs and excise duties. It represents clients before taxation authorities and tribunals, and also assists in preparation and filing of returns, NTN and sales tax registration.

Advisory Services:

         The Firm, in addition to individual advisories, has been advising to and dealing with the litigation and other matters of organizations, institutions, and corporate clients on their litigation and commercial matters including J. E. Austin, Inc. Azam Garden Housing Society, GIFT Colleges, Data Consultants, National Education Consortium, Bio-Vet (Pvt.) Limited, Shakarganj Limited, Hala Enterprises Limited, Shakarganj Food Products Limited, Punjab Oil Mills Limited, Premier Garments Limited, MHJ Business LLC, A9 Technicae (Pvt.) Limited, Skin Studio, Data Dojo (Pvt.) Limited, UNFPA, Home Zone (Pvt.) Limited, Supreme Aluminum Industries (Pvt.) Limited and Uni Life Pharma.